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Definition of a residence considering potential future threats

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Mon, 10/02/2014 - 20:59 -- Admin

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Where do invest accumulated that was not in the event of a catastrophe excruciatingly painful?

  • Is there underground bases of UFOs in Russia? (more about the alien mind)
  • Where in Russia the most secure area?

The question of choice place of residence or place of shelter is relevant to the threats of the future. If you do not mind the ability to endure hardship and distress due to a loss of acquired suddenly. 

First you need to provide a complete list of possible threats and choose the most probable:

  1. War and, in particular, nuclear war
  2. Epidemics and famine
  3. Tectonic and other internal dangerous activity of the Earth.
  4. Floods
  5. The fall of an asteroid
  6. Space disasters
  7. Movement of Poles due to space or inside the earth causes
  8. Other disasters caused by common karma and disguised under the natural character
  9. The fact, that we have forgotten to consider now due to lack of knowledge, but in the future will have a significant impact on the Earth and evolutionary processes

The obvious candidate in Russia - Siberia.


  • If climate changes, in Siberia will be more favorable for life rather than vice versa.
  • There is an absence of evident tectonic activity 
  • The remoteness from the administrative and military centres, which will be a major blow in the event of war.
  • A good environmental situation
  • There is a highly probable disposition of an alien air defense system in this region: the truth is, that they protect themselves from several other threats, but in the incident of a nuclear warhead enemy possible measures will be taken. Because their systems are at a relatively shallow depth in permafrost, and can be taken out of service when a nuclear strike have been. However, the explosion in the air does not cause them harm, as in the case of likely downed UFO called "Tunguska meteorite". In any case, "alien umbrella" more plus than minus. And they seem have been completely peacefully tuned. And as such the Tunguska incident there are relatively rare, live side by side in the near future is a plus.



  • It is not clear what will happen in the case of rising sea levels - must choose elevated position. 
  • The construction difficult.

It is likely, that it is profitable to invest in protected from threats city complexes in Siberia. Even if the karmic machine decides to destroy all by global natural disaster there can outlast in relatively better conditions. If there was bad - it still be better than hell. And if you are prepared for this, then cool and generally good. The only question is where is a safe place, and what the most likely set of threats. Because from all threats are expensive to defend.

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