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Funeral Rites: what to choose?

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Tue, 11/02/2014 - 20:25 -- Admin

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Is it true that the burial rite has matter?

  • Is there a connection of soul and organics of body ?
  • What to do if you do not want to hell?

So, we all know that in the end there are three options for how to proceed with the body after death: bury, cremate, mummify.

I think the logical thought of some authors, that the soul is connected to the body by organic matter. If body organics remains in good condition, then the soul or spirit can work through the body. The Holy imperishable relics give it plenty of evidence (as I understood-the Christians are buried to be the transition to other world gradual, as well as to identify strong spiritual relics - perhaps, they believe, that by relics can operate their owner or other forces and heal believers). The soul remains attached to the body and does not leave a "close" located areas of existence through communication with the organic body. Thus, it does not fly away in a remote area or the abyss, until all the organic matter does not come to an end. If organic is not kept, then the soul of the living will be fly from the body permanently. And they would be turned into a zombie, because all human qualities are incorporated in the soul and intellect are out there somewhere, although the main intellectual sensible Centre is, of course, the karmic machine or other reasonable beginnings.

For example, Hindus burn the body and that the soul immediately flew to heaven, and then wiil be a new turn of the karmic wheel of reincarnations. At least, they believe, that the flight will be in paradise. If we are not sure or confident in reverse, it is logical, that it is better to have somewhere to stay. Then undecomposed organic shall hold the soul as long as possible. To do this, come up with mummification. The modern version of it is the cryogenic freezer. It is recommended to anyone who's not sure or can count their torments afterlife.

It turns out, that there is a difference at all where to die and be buried. Because, after all, the entry point to the afterlife will be different. The cemetery is by the article Meat factory karmic problem is a meat-packing factory (view of Devils on Megapolis - out of sinners is nearly 100%). It is clear, that it is the place of food, where there is always a fresh soul sinners. In addition, there is reason to believe, that the underground is all the undead in the form of substances and energy. If digging up the body, then the situation for you's soul is complicated. By the Tibetan Book of the dead at the 9 day soul begins to manifest itself in lower layers, where dark forces hunt for it. And soul tied to the body and place approximately it 40-50 days (the trail of the soul, to which its consciousness can move). 

After the cremation remains generally debunks - i.e. it remain on the surface. Some people hung mummified body on rocks in the air - it is also an option, may be devils did not immediately reach to them.

Some rulers were sent to the underworld their harem and servants - most likely it was a stupid option, because strength and power they had only terrestrial, and the soul has a small power. Therefore the sacrificial harem arranged for ruler hell just after his death even without the aid of devils.

Some men preferred, that death not separated their and died after her/his husband. Because everybody knows, what happens at voluntary leaving from life - together they can be, in most cases, only in one place - in hell and stewing in a devil's pot together. That's the whole otherworldly romance.

Some buddhists in this sense very well prepared - after a special meditation there is little hole at the top of the head, where they insert a blade of grass as a sign of willingness. In their eyes the soul through this channel gets immediately into higher worlds without going through the entire hell. Unless, of course, if it is clean.

Someone's built a protected Tomb. Option too, but efficiency without special knowledge is zero.

Allow me a slight digression.

By the way, in my opinion the pyramids to tombs are not relevant, although it is possible to contact with the underworld or parallel. Built them probably Atlanta - previous civilization and for serious use. Atlantis destroyed those who created them - who came on there Moon, stabilized the rotation of the planet and making cycles (seasons) - organized a laboratory for the development of life. All the mega-cities of Atlantis like Egyptian were bombarded with desert sand as a result of climate change, targeting the remnants of stone fortresses, which are not destroyed by flood - purposefully destroyed. Equipment suspected to be washed away in the bottom sediments of the oceans and seas, and the others is frozen at the Poles, under a thick layer of ice, where it was warm and there was a part of Atlantis. The same thick ice securely hides the entries inside the Earth at the Poles, that are not needed to the current civilization too. The laboratory for the development of life is, in my opinion, build by the energetic substance in the form of plasmoids, that do not have a explicit shape and tend to be spherical. In fact, they represent a concentration of mind, strength and energy. And the place where they live - the higher worlds, but here they appear in that form. They may have many effects by towards people, both physical and virtual, influencing on the consciousness of the man directly.


By the way, most modern power figures, who long had a power and naively believed that karma all forgive them - all their acts and omissions - it is recommended freezing for him. Also recommended increased training techniques for longevity, as well as investments in RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT to extend the life of the human body as a long term.

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