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Metaphysical information properties of water

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Tue, 11/02/2014 - 15:53 -- Admin

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

How water affects mood and health?

  • What are the information and energy aspects of water use?
  • What structures the water in the body?
  • Why a better swim in natural bodies of water?

Since the body is mostly made up of water, it is very important, what water to drink and monitor water flows, that had contact with you and with your thin wrappers. Because in addition to the physical component of water it has an energy field.  Water under the influence of chakras is structured in a particular way in the body. The main effect of urine therapy is predominantly on structured water. Since the lower chakra structures the water contained in the urine, due to the proximity of urinogenital bodies to lower chakra. If your lower chakra will be able to charge the water not only in the immediate vicinity, but at a greater distance.Thus, in the morning you can wash with structured water from the tap)). The water charged their correct healthy fields, displaces the negative information and energy fields of the body and the cause of the disease go away.

Once you understand that through your charged water can affect you, it's like magic or wizardry by things or subject. It can be installed in temporary implicit control with bad targets for some time after the procedure. Unfortunately, the resistance to such malicious influences is unreal, they are not controlled by consciousness.

It is known, that at certain times of the year is the so-called Holy water, which is positively charged and cure the disease. We can assume, that the water in general on the planet comes in contact with the energy fields of the light forces. And you get positive energy during this time. No one can harm them from its charged water. But you expect problems, if you, for example, wash other people's things in the bath after taking a shower, washed the floors with that water and doing other questionable things. Probably, it is need to withstand the water in the tub for a while, and then descending down the drain.

For the sake of experiment, you can save water and break all those rules at the same time and let your tub after you use your entire family. Thus, health and sleep will be qualitatively different.

In the middle ages, the Church prohibited the washing - and it was unnatural process, resulting it was easier control of body and mind, losting the protective properties of the organism. Bathing in open sources and reservoirs, dousing with cold water gives a charge, contact with higher energies, connects with nature. Bathing in natural conditions give vivacity and energy, fuels the body.