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After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What is the mechanism of "miracles"?

  • Is there a feminine spirit features?
  • What are the most probable mechanisms of spells and how is work "the Bermuda triangle"?

About miracles:

Perhaps, we should start by describing the mechanism of Church miracles. We must firmly understand, that if at birth was not significantly unusual in humans, in his youth he had not perfected himself in this direction - by chance does not take strength from nowhere. The power to him should come with a carrier force. The carrier force is a powerful spirit, which by many reincarnations may even in different worlds had this power. Almost impossible during 20 years to seriously change the power of own spirit - such steroids has not come up. For this purposes is needed a vital process to the spirit became "strength".

So, the most mechanisms of the miracles of the Church are as follows. There is a body with a weak spirit and under the influence of life events it decide to go to the bosom of the Church. Usually, they are removing from the mundane world, sinful food, silly thoughts and a similar, to be during 10-20 years from now a good tool for powerful spirit, which is quite comfortable to work through the body of the "former layman". Powerful high spirit will not interfere with a heap of filth. It just does not dwell in ordinary people. There's just nasty, stinking from its perspective. Such body to it are the vessels in which neither only work, nor is dangerous to health; because this body decaying by dark forces.

All kinds of stigmata are simple explained from this point of view - the power required to perform "miracles", exceeds the performance characteristics of a normal body. A variety of subtle and subconscious area are damaged, and cause changes in the physical body - popping up a wounds or as they are called stigmata.

A human, that coming to the monastery or else where in the church does the following: here I come and I will cleanse myself, but maybe I be lucky, someone spirit will take my body and for good. Cure disease is removing negative people karma. It can do spirits with very positive balance and some masochistic traits, since the process is most likely unpleasant. In fact, the torments of others withdraw itself. But most of humans continue to sin further. But some people who seeing the wonders not falling into the abyss of atheism. And in that there is one of the pluses.

I must say that the clergy, who do not fully renounced from sinful food and meat, expect hell. Because they haven't understood the meaning of the commandment thou "shalt not kill" = "do not be a reason for someone to kill, for example, that you ate someone". But in hell they will obviously get a discount, because at least in the eyes of God and all are equal, but they still scored.

About "women 's" spirit:

Just an interesting question of why women do not take, for example, as students in high religious schools. For the most part, there are few spiritual women leaders and so on. My personal opinion is due to the following inherent in women's race features: passivity, lack of active start, focus on childbirth, children and all related. Most of them are so weak in spirit, that don't know what they need in life. They can't have to say yes or no where it needed. There's another important factor why spiritual leaders often don't have family and children: i.e. have neither the woman next to him nor hers derivatives. All the matter in the specifics of the work: women are often so weak, that to them can possess different entity for 5 times a day. If your spiritual work very hard and you go the way highly influential forces, then the possible impact on the woman is expressed in all kinds of wanton, mood, fluctuations and other women's features. In any preassigned point, you can't be sure that this body next to you or your girl or not you girl, but a demon in her body. The same option with children: it is necessary to introduce a woman that her child would fill anyone spirit and cause him any harm or danger to her children - and she lost control, and loss of control on military action of this kind is equivalent to capture the subconscious and implicit management, implicit control leads to wrong actions, decisions and convulsive usually crash. That's why women do not taken in these activities.

Many of the spiritual really strong figures would have dreamed of a strong spirit-wife's Assistant, but these are difficult to find and ultimately they are the greatest real value in this world. That's why they live ones. Who from the faithful and strong spirit of loving wife refuses. Due to the nature of the human male's architecture is almost impossible. Here's just such attributes of his wife's problem. And this is a very serious problem.

About spells:

The general idea is that you send voice commands to karmic machine or to more precisely a small moduleб that someone once there built to facilitate with various specific tasks. For example, you whisper command to find the way home again, and the night glowworms line up on the line, indicating the way to the house or any such action. Since administering structure of karma are embedded in all minds, and even inanimate objects from our point of view.  For the karmic machine to do such things it is not difficult at all. Question what will be the price for it, and to whom pay. It is clear, that without knowing the prices not worth messing up service. It may not be free or expensive - will then forced to make work)))

About the "Bermuda triangle":

The general idea - it seems to me this way: there is a emitter on the ocean bottom, which creates a flow of energy, two "parallel" spaces, where matter is a different level of energy unknown nature, which jumps can moving in this space of states of matter. Thus, when giving to the matter certain energy "momentum" - it can knock the matter into another space in the global state space. Radio waves don't matter - its a matter interaction of matter, and apparently the "Bermuda portal while running, electromagnetic waves are relatively free to move from one space to another on the field, created this anomaly.

It is also possible, that all this is with a distortion of space and time. If you consider that in terms of dimensions, it turns out that getting to the anomalous zone and moving it in the normal way is actually moving in a 3D space in a completely different dimension to our space. And intersect the three-dimensional space in general more multidimensional just for this abnormal zone in the time interval of the anomaly. This can be explained by the fact, that the object is no longer there, and the link on the radio is supported for some time.

By observation, compasses begin feverishly rotate during passage through the portal, create this anomaly. So, most likely the anomalies is the vortex field and can generally not be 3 dimensional vector nature. After that the compasses do not work - it can degauss magnetic field or may be there's no magnetic field or it is weak. What is this place is similar to Earth, where is kind of like the surface of the ocean, islands, air and other there? May be it is time shift or is it real like other side-by-side space?

 And most importantly thing: scientific can be relatively easy prove or disprove the existence of anomalies there. Many buoys: on each compass and its anomalous behaviour fixation device of parameters of the anomalies, data recording and transmission of radio waves in real time. Because such a simple thing has not been done yet or any other safe-reliable way -said, that most likely, there are who should already know what it is and that this anomaly does here. And they have something to hide.