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Modern Feminine

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After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

How to do the right things in this life and go to heaven?

  • What is imposed by images of modern women?
  • How is the image of a modern woman and a beautiful life and money?
  • Why alcohol is harmful, even in small doses?
  • Who is the customer of a great love, a little or just it complete lack of?
  • For whom modern women's youth is not only pleasant, but also tasty ...?
  • What causes the policy of "do nothing to" with respect to the karmic machine?
  • What is heaven and hell?
  • Why is better to forget about abortion?
  • What is dangerous topic of AIDS and vaccinations for newborns?
  • What are the different ways to attack the guys across the empty women's shell?

Women for the most part are pretty empty shells. Most of the women think, that their only task is to give love and in return receive from life all what they need. It means the women stretch the process of pregnancy and delay the process of childbirth. When it is convenient and when it is profitable. Many women didn't even really get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

Many women are little aware, that alcohol taken inside a protoplasmic poison - it glues blood cells, power of brain neurons and other cells, which are narrow passages and stops and many of it die. That's the essence of the hangover, when the dead cells of the body is forced to withdraw. Just alcohol attacks and damages the cell membranes - and such, where in the body of a woman has a limited amount - her ovums for all life. Then from damaged ovums are born defective children - especially, this fact is obviously in the wino's children. The "cultural" drinking girls on holidays and companies are also affected. This is the essence of the destruction of the nation's gene - in culture of drinking alcohol and alcoholism. The effect of the alcohol remains at least a month in the human body. So, if you want to get pregnant - the young parents must forget to drink alcohol and better for all.

In addition, wifes compels man to earn money, they always deserve a better-nice and easy life. Most of the wifes are not interested in the origin of the money, which they will pay, even for good causes. As well as, there is the consumer image of the perfect family advertised everywhere. It completely ruined the majority of women. For example, if you send modern women work in the village, where there is no money. And they needs to stick, almost all of womens will not survive. And they decide, that in this life, they scared with no luck. Other's life is beautifull, they are doing nothing, relax ...They all envy imposed by images of happiness - a modern way of happiness: this is when a lot of money in an obvious or perspective view.

Generally, women like beautiful and light life (otherwise it's called-love money) which, of course, shouldn't they get heavy labour and some other way. Recently, who at least somewhat beautiful, sell self on auctions: Internet dating sites. Many women are completely mercantile: City for live needs the same or bigger, picture candidates should have real regalia viability. Since there are a little rich suitors, many women do not hesitate to catch already married applicants. Because they realize, that otherwise chances for beautiful life are little. Unfortunately, many of them do not understand the meaning of the phrase, that get rich in Paradise is also difficult as the climb through the needle's eye. Because with such things lasciviousness women are filtered into the hell. And women go to heaven, if she is evolutionary products, that meet the broad criteria of quality, tested in a real life setting. Such women are usually very, very little.

To make sure, that this is true, you can perform simple experiment: write in any dating service in the following section. "Getting the minimum wage, and the pay delays" or something similar in meaning. You can take a typical photo, typical hobbies. And moral character are generally out of reach: no harmful habits, and other conditions. You can be sure: no cute figurines or even a little pretty ladies (and they usually exists there), which decided to get acquainted with you. There certainly is not the entire female contingent. But it is still significant. The logic of "I'm so beautiful-nice and worthy of a beautiful life" is being transformed at a household level in "my beautiful fees must be paid for, and who are unable to afford it, to me not needed with all its moral character". Those women, who dare to explore, generally follow the this logic - well I have no something special external figure. I will approach this guy. The conclusions are simple: most modern women were in captivity artfully imposed stereotypes. They play by the rules and always lose money system. Playing on other people's imposed rules is very difficult to win and be happy.

You have to understand, what in this process is important, who is the employer of all great love or small love in your life. Resolution to the reproduction karma gives and who and with whom will reproduction defines it too. What kind of spirit will come into a new body - also it defines. And its version is the best. Why?

  1. Its decision it perpetuates induced feelings, their remains are generally long exists
  2. A child's body is the most resistant to external factors, the dark forces including

Conversely, a typical situation: already in his youth, young girl starts to behave as an adult. She already betrayed, sneezed for the future husband - any term will be relevant. Also true for a her correct healthy child too. Who had planned, for example, to be born there may not want to go. At least this way she all at once betrayed, but done the same with karmic machine it will not be able to. Her karma will be a different, and more worst and here's why: the intended husband will likely to be held by, that will bring him a lot of trouble. Because with her he most likely won't occur. Because she already have a boyfriend, just because it was accepted in society. Or because Karma will not support love to him as before, or will support it for one side. As with other she any feelings most likely will not, just sex. Full of feeling and a great love will not be. Will be something incomprehensible. Her further fate will be the same type - if she get married (certainly better with a rich person, because all the guys and as I checked in fact, they are about the same). Then happiness usually does not last long - up to the first child. Or getting divorced, then married for the money of course, because the feeling is gone. Karmic machine do not sponsor sentiments. Because it realized, that you are self-driven and without its assistance. Karmic machine does not feel pity for such ladies. So, you'll hear talk of girlfriends, that only guys is crazy about love and girls make selection more understandable and always with the far sight and mind. In addition, "many of my girlfriends are lucky, and I is better many of them, more beautiful and my groom must be certainly decent and promising" - she has such thinking.

But it's not all negative factors. Husbands will remember, that have married is not the sample purity. But because the case depending on the mood and other factors, you may recall, who you really are. And for some guys, this may be a subconscious reason to drink alcohol, followed by beatings and other troubles to you.

Generally, if you are so independent and self-reliant woman and prefer the style of life "I don't owe anything to anyone to (good)" (but only bad-as it turns out), then most likely you will have a modest consolation of Russian women: "Hits means loves". But that's not all - into the tipsy man usually comes some "evil" dark spirits, for this a partial loss of self control they need. So, you are here start to gratify the most real devils. They are all intelligent high, and you compared to the evil spirits just as intellect as a cow. Wench or chick - this names they called human woman on their slang. Very logical and very likely, that you continue to gratify them in hell on the assumption of karma. Such women will not be in paradise.

Paradise is the place, where you simply do not have torments and have self-suffering. Paradise is a pretty comfortable living conditions, environmental conditions not such at the North Pole. There is not or very little predators, and so on. Generally, there you can live happily. Hell is just a place for recycling, and all conditions for quality and equitable utilization. And you're there in close to the bottom of the food chain, so just walking fast-food and other fast. Everything is done so that you do not like hell. This is an area for violators of the laws of karma. Do you think you manage to escape punishment, when using the semi-automatic karmic "judicial system"? While the world still appears in your mind without the artifacts, glitches, delays and unexplained system messages - you can be confident, that the mechanisms are functioning properly and do not have crashes.

You need to 100 times thinking before to have sex without love before marriage. In most cases, given today's situation in the world and the stress of combat forces for the souls of men, this decision virtually guarantees entry to hell in the future. You just won't be able to control the flow of events. Psychic powers will not be replenished. Fate will changed. Explaining on the available language : women not used neither the fight nor resist anything serious and incomprehensible. And with the current reality, you just dragged to hell-because they want to gobble up and whatnot, there are a large population, and they can also be understood in its hunting themselves sinners any available methods. There you will have time to think, that it is necessary to change the priorities of the private entity, its own purpose: or female receptacle for the spirit and the children, or she means the gratification the devils.

And if in this life you've already screwed up, it's okay. After they chop up your soul finally there, the spirit was taken on the wheel of reincarnation and it will have another chance.

The theme of abortion is the most fantastic theme. The price of such act would not be able to know any modern woman and girl. She's just not seen even in the horror movie. For the cold-blooded murder of the embryo (include all their word - suckling baby) in the womb of the mother has a serious cost. Neither the devil does not dare conducts such an operation, this is very unbeneficial. The only dumb people with its free will and stupid mind can do this kind of stuff. It should be noted, that the immediate perpetrators and also all their leadership at all levels receives negative charges of the negative karma. If you made a similar silliness, the God will forgive you sure, but the karmic machine no. Take offense at it is not necessary. It is absolutely fair. Therefore, it is necessary to live as long as possible and enjoy all the pleasures of life. You don't rushing into hell. Monastery can't save your soul in this case.

The question: Can the good deeds deserve forgiveness? - I'm not sure, what the karmic positive charges were destroyed with negative karmic deeds. Because it's a potential difference within themselves can lead to grade and simply break apart by analogy with electricity. And it's not fair. For example, you did 50 abortions, then 50 very good and clean deeds and innocent turned out. Most likely the Karma will be paid separately and in different time intervals, so as not to overload the poor lost creature is feminine.

Ther suite theme: when fragile nervous system just born baby being killed yet by many vaccinations. After that, they are sick all his life live with suppressed immune systems and buy medicines. Or with it many health complications can occur, what is extremely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Many doctors don't do vaccinations to their children. And they scaring other parents by dangerous consequences of unvaccinated infants. From all this, I made one important conclusion: as well that I do not belong to the Ministry of health. Karmic pile of negative karma of dead abortion and tortured vaccinations babies is simply fantastic. The Ministry of health had not even conducted any investigation on this matter: whether vaccination is harmful just born baby or not. It doesn't listen to even one's own doctors, who talk about the dangers of vaccinations. So Karma should stimulate you a deeper look into this matter, because the word eternal hell will have almost a literal value in a mathematical sense compared to the age of a person's life.

A very similar topic: that the AIDS virus does not exist. It has not been ever seen. Many thoughtful and reflection doctors came to the same conclusion. People die from dangerous for health treatment of the fictional disease which is caused by the weakening of immunity from other factors. And the topic AIDS as a great business and as a means of population control in developing countries. The discoverers of the HIV virus said afterwards, that they most likely have mistake in reasons and put forward the hypothesis wrong interpretations of facts. But nobody listens to them - the wheels of state is doing business in the treatment of a non-existent illness. From a fictional treatment disease died more people, than in many wars combined. And how much suffering people was due to this reason. It would be terrible if the AIDS virus does not exist.

But then it will be too late, things are made. Karma will count the total number of torment, and then share it on all people proportionally those responsible to justice (causal). According to my estimate, most of them will be in private VIP world, ordinary hell to torturing them will be horribly inefficient, and deactivation threshold consciousness from the pain would be upgraded to high values, if their soul in the afterlife still will be able to lose consciousness.

How many would you have sins, my advice to you is to continue to enjoy life. Because when you change the existence nothing good will. Just as you always cheated, deceived that after death there will be nothing. Because if you're going to live by these principles, then after death is nothing good.

Another example of the use of feminine gender for different dark: this is when the female object captures the darker entities, karmic machine like planned her betrothed to be love (whom karmic machine chose). He running around her, she is in search of a beautiful life and money, because she is an empty inside. The betrothed is forced to run, because the spirit, for which that everything started and the spirit must be incarnated, it exacerbates the process. Everything is in disruption and tend to loss of balance of the male subject whom aimed by this attack. If he does not understand what the problem was, he may be drink alcohol and to behave forwardly. If he get in touch with with her, but live with her being punished. Because she lost her own will and she controls by fiend or devil, which will swing the negative energy. She will be in all sorts of trouble, and he will constantly has problems with her, and the children of such union will be of poor quality. Betrothed with empty soul bring to you hell, instead of the expected happiness of heaven. Because hell is inside in her subconscious and it holds her very tightly. Often in quite neglected cases she behaves like a slut and still says "you're not a man", "you got a little money there", or still something was missing. And many men of the unhappy love doing a lot of stupid things, causing harm himself or do something with this empty women's shell due to capture of your own subconscious because he is exhausted of feeling.

The right balance in this situation is the slightest suspicion and if you see serious voidness - you do not start coming together. Then you don't have been excruciatingly painful. Hell for her is already assured, and if you start coming together, you will be in hell too and you should have no illusions here. Dark forces are powerful and a man fight with them can only by eliminating the causes, effects can not be slow. For the most part people haven't enough energy.

Do not worry if she's a bitch. In the hell she will be in a such terrible act that your fantasy will not suffice. In this world such things is punishable by the laws of karma and human laws. But in hell all that what is prohibited here - it's just the norm, because it's all honest earthly earnings. Was earned so much karmic negativity, and this budget needs to work. It's need to work out to the end of a score of negative resource. So, there are the "experienced" real professionals of their hell work. You all have done much worse and don't get any satisfaction. You only a bunch of problems, if you punish someone here in earthly life. Torturing sinners dark forces gets pleasure from this process. I hope I have convinced you, that any beach in hell does not seem a little, and finish this paragraph on this.

Unfortunately the realities of today's life is such, that you can not drive out dark entities from your betrothed, but dark forces will attack your body thorough her subconscious and by creating specific life situations. This is a big problem - there are many girls and women, but suitable for true happiness a little. Almost all of them have bitchiness character traits, just because in their subconscious the muck got, because of their sinful lives. Bitches are those, who have cash or other types of thrift, where it is out of place and in fact it is not profitable to make easier and more beautiful life, the less they had to work; they not engaged children and just live first priority for itself , putting their own convenience above all else, and so on.