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Modern role of money

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Sat, 08/02/2014 - 12:28 -- Admin

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Is there a money objective disadvantages?

  • What is the main reason for inflation?
  • Why federal centers and global centres live better than regions?
  • What a look to making money by any ways have the karmic machine?

May be when the money were intended to be a tool of universal value for the exchange of goods, but now because of the following reasons, they are very poorly performing this function. In a sense, the modern money revealed too many shortcomings. I.e. there is could come up with a better version of money, free from these defects.

  1. They depreciate, because elites are typing them at all, and at the time of the release of money from the public they to consume products and services in exchange for them. The benefits of the population no longer is, and the money supply has increased. Consequently, the remaining money in the hands of the population decline, and the world (the printing of dollars around the world - the United States), the Federal centers of printing money getting more "fat" - for example, Moscow. At the same time the resources of regions are siphoned off. If don't be tempted to print them - all newly produced money should be shared with all people equally to their personal bank account. So, money will be pumped into to the economy and consumers will have to spend on the economic benefit of the State.
  2. Money were produced so many, that say you can buy all in the globe several times, and all elites continue and continue to print it. Therefore, the global economic collapse is only a matter of time.
  3. Governmental agencies use the money to separate the benefit from the manufacturer product from its sale. Some of the benefits take intermediaries - banks. On this live the whole bank (speculative) sector of the economy.
  4. Rates of Exchange are opaque, speculative at this again part of the gain from the sale of tangible goods is retained by the currency speculators.

But it's all small stuff compared with the cult of money when all can bought and sold. The meaning of life is in their accumulation and making, otherwise without large quantities of money you won't be happy. Doing money is a beautiful way of life, and so on. For the sake of money, many are ready for all kinds of compromises and sacrifices.

Why economic participation is not always beneficial? For the same reason - better nothing to earn, than to work on such work, which will have to suffer for a long time. Judging by Hollywood movies and the general logic, the choice between money and anguish is unequivocal. It is better to be poor, than the rich, but the tortured to death. For example, why do I need these XXXX money, if after such work Karma to me will expose the negative account in YYYY torments.  And if these YYYY torment equivalents, e.g. Z painful procedures, for example, to divide into pieces, assemble, and then all of the new, but on the other the "cutting" of the soul and reassemble and cut into ... Of course, you say: in a coffin I seen these XXXX money, inflation will "eat" them, or someone other than me will take advantage of its. The money does not stand to earn them by any ways, it's a hard-core speculative tool and make money need in honest way on good work, that conscience is not protesting. The voice of conscience coined as an intuitive tool for choosing the right karma. If you have a conscience is muted, or silent, when doing something bad, then karmic machine decided to right you brainwashed and decided that talking to you language conscience useless - waste of time, you still don't listen.