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Problems with clean energy

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Tue, 04/02/2014 - 20:01 -- Admin

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What are the aspects of a clean energy?

  • Why pollute the planet karmically not beneficial?
  • What actually prevents the introduction of large-scale real and changing our life projects?
  • Why, perhaps the extraterrestrial origin sources of energy exists there, but they are not applied?

In the United States there are many facts and more likely to judge, that there is a special Department, that deals with withdrawal of the inventors-scientists test models. It would require them to keep quiet, if their invention can threaten the existence of the current petroleum economy. For the same reason, the experienced electric vehicles have been destroyed, which are very cheap to operate, and thus are unprofitable. The hydrogen fuel is progressing as a replacement of oil, presently it extremely expensive and inconvenient to use. The problem is that people should be forced to make money, lots of money to spend it. If there is a cheap source of clean energy, it will not be released to the market. Because people's dependence on money decreases. They will not have to make so many of them and be dependent on the monetary system of the state. And the greater the speed of the money supply, the more the earnings gets credit, speculative, and other systems and there are more benefits for the local elite.

In Russia the inventions of clean energy or alternative fuels don't go into industrial exploitation. It's not allowed. And the problem here is not in the Governments and elites. But it in those entities, who control their mind. Who controls their minds use their karmic account. Their karmic account do incoming payments of the large mass volumes from dirty production and pollution. It is may be a small percentage of negative karmic on each case, but amounts in total are enormous. Because pollution causes illness and suffering of the masses of all living beings, not just people. Hence, someone on the law of karma, must get over this bit of negativity in proportion to the degree of culpability in the suffering of others. We can assume, that every second of downtime happens to them something awful. This happens with all who have money at the forefront - they have a lot of anguish as the reverse side of the coin.

Yet there is one similar theme: problem of foreign intelligence in human-like form.

There is an evidence, that there is something suspicious is going on. Generally, technological progress of the last century in high technology is very similar, as if they had found an alien ship and started to benefit from the high technology. In the process of extraction of knowledge was invented new theories of how its works. There is no global theory - there are a bunch of disparate studies, that try to explain what they saw and measured. And new discoveries recycle theories to do it corresponding the processed data to match the new facts. Then very likely version is that all sorts of flying in the visible spectrum as flying UFO is the result of the work of special services which are actively using these technologies. Because, if you having the finished engine, during 50 years, you can understand how it works. So glow and visible objects may be earth made.

Another thing is an invisible objects, which you can feel only by telltale signs: falling individual or flock of birds dead, yet any such indirect data. It is very likely, that similar objects are visually and technically track is not possible. And it's really an alien intelligence (if they themselves do not want to appear).

There are other facts: that aliens just kicked Americans out from the moon and all of their mission there ceased. And this means, that the UFO have a base here. Americans think, that if you telling the public, that a malicious aliens have base on the Moon, it will start some hysteria. But surely, there is an underwater base, base in permafrost (Siberia and the poles of the Earth), even with its own air defense system.

Moreover, there is reason to believe, that on our Sun exists visible manifestations of space superpowers: at some points, there are lines longer than the Sun, which once scattered on dozens of small dots, each about the size of Earth. I.e. these UFO have the size of Earth and are teleported preserving the linear order, after teleporting they fly apart, breaking the linear structure. And all of this were within the solar corona, where the temperature is simply outrageous. Of course, if you say to a people, that it was a proven fact about gigantic ships with the size of earth. It builds by condensing and filtering nebulas and filtering by using force fields on just incredibly fantastic megafactories - the man in the street will be not the at ease. But at least, we know how should look a space superpower. All our earthly rulers just look useless against this background and this is a reason to further keeping silent about similar observations. But it is clear, that such an atheistic worldview, we would not survive to such level of development, and may be destroyed in the initial stages of development, as with the majority of previous civilizations. And about us future civilizations do not remember even in the textbooks. As now Atlantis and Atlanta are mentioned at the level of myth.