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Secrets of a happy family life

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After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What are the basic components of a successful, happy and long life together?

  • What woman looks for in a man?
  • What are the main male roles?
  • What are the main responsibilities of women in childbirth?

There are a few components of a successful, happy and long life together and waitings of the bride, when she choosing future partner (husband):

  1. Sexual satisfaction (the role of lover)
  2. Healthy and developed in all respects children (the role of husband-father)
  3. Good psychological atmosphere in the family (no dissatisfaction, understatement, treachery, deception and other things) (the role of friend, defender)
  4. The demand for professional, social and career level (the role of the sponsor, promoter, facilitators)
  5. Material-technical provision (the role of breadwinner)


If I forget something, add something please.

If the order of priorities wrong, then correct, please with comment))

Review of "sexual satisfaction (lover)" components:
  1. A good regular sex)) (no comments)
  2. Realization of sexual fantasies (gives no reason to look to have a lover and the associated damage for your relationships). In short, it describes like this: it will be Kama Sutra in various places. Example: such thoughts may occur during long-distance bus travel, where very strong shaking, or in similar cases
  3. You need to add a dollop of romance in a relationship periodically


Review of healthy and developed in all respects children (the role of husband-father).
  1. The overall health of the body (sport exercises, strong immune system)
  2. Urinary tract health (prevention)
  3. Responsibilities of women: there is women's preparedness to the correct course of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, learning children at an early stage:
    1. Cleaning medical starvation cycle on water alone - gradually achieve monthly duration. As a result, there is a recovery of metabolic processes in the body, the good development of the fetus, etc. There are many benefits. And the risks of failure of pregnancy and childbirth or the birth of children with disabilities decreases strongly. I was tested this technique on himself in the context of a general improvement of a body. Over the 40-days interval there are excellent overall results for health. Сleansing starvation under the supervision, a preliminary theoretical studing, psychological readiness and confidence are needs to obtain a good result.
    2. Use a set of exercises for flexibility and stretching exercises, longitudinal and transverse twines. It gives a result of the light and painless childbirth, lack of complications. There are many additional advantages of flexibility too. There are many books released fully in this topic.
    3. Aspects of conceiving(fertilization): for example, like most men I need a boy and, therefore, it needs to take into account various factors - the lunar cycles calendars of alternating male and female egg cells and all such kind of stuff, study materials and statistics on the matter. Otherwise, you may get tired to give birth, and if the result is not achieved, then the marriage will be at risk; It is the aspect of choice time generally. Aspect of choice of place: eventually, for example, I need a strong spirit of a child no matter what sex. Strong spirits for many reasons (it is not only my opinion), like special places. A personal example of such place: the top of a mountain, cliff: closer to sky and very romantic in my opinion. This is just one of many options. Aspects of the method of fertilization: task for sperm need to be complicate - force of gravity should prevent them as much as possible to let them move - if there were a weak and passive they don't not reached egg cells accidentally. Hence, the final phase takes place in an upright position.  Although this issue needed further studying. It was need a complete rejection from alcohol, becuase alcohol attacks the cells of the body and especially ova and spermatozoons. Alcohol damages the heredity and guarantees the sick and degenerate generation. Effects from alcohol remain in the body for more than a month. Alcohol is the strongest protoplasmic poison - it dissolves all the organic matter and other substances. It is the cause of when red blood cells stick together and for that disrupted cell nutrition, the cells and the neurons masse die. If the woman is a cultural-drink human on holidays - the entire stock of her egg cells for her life is in a bad shape. Such irresponsibility in relation to future posterity smacks of hell. And in fact, sick and defective children from damaged eggs do her "fun" hell life here.
    4. Aspects of gestation: proper nutrition and emotional disposition form give a healthy immune system and mental system of future child. It should be know, that electromagnetic radiation harmful to the fetus and woman's own health. Because there are radiation from cell phones, microwave ovens, computer devices (Wi-fi) and it can disrupt the proper development of the fetus and cause to occur miscarriage or defective child born. And in the future woman may has problems with cancer and the immune system.
    5. Aspects of delivery: deliveries take place at home or in any other place except the hospital. Because a hospital is a pipeline and for your result there no one works. Here for example, the doctors found, that the later was cutting the umbilical cord, the greater the child's haemoglobin in the blood and baby generally healthier. Where is now implemented this innovation? Yes, to all of them there could care less, they are not interested in your result. Moreover, they there are destroying theimmature immune system of the child by dozens of vaccinations, there are confused random infants or inadvertently infect something rubbish and then no one can be brought to justice. The scale of the tragedy is simply outrageous. The only aspect of benefits to birth in maternity hospital - doctors can help with birth complications. But if you do preparatory stage, the risk of complications is very small and is solved by calling an ambulance.
    6. A spects of care: baby needs to engage, educate, develop thinking, memory and do it for several years. Because smart, capable, healthy kids eliminate your many problems in youth and old age, and generally the investment of yours time have good "pays off". Further children's development proceeds continuously, it is need to allocated yours necessary time.
    7. Aspects of food: eat only natural products. Since all chemicals presented in food are not removed from the body, and deposited in tissues, violate metabolism, the brain activity and other organs. It is need to exclude from the diet useless and harmful products like flour bread, which infests the body by mucus. And yeast dough to rise quickly, derived from "swollen" carrion bacteria are harmful and violate intestine metabolism and digestibility. Ballast food of this kind brings only harm to the body, spending vitality at its digestion. In modern stores sell beautiful packaging with harmful and long-stored content. Buying it, you harm yourself and the environment from unnecessary waste from packaging and packing, that leads to the law of karma additional anguish to you, in addition to the misery and disease from the consumption of marginally useful products - and all of this for your's money.


If the future wife, bride treat for this item pofigistically and irresponsible, it means you are interested her only in roles of the getter, the sponsor and the lover. For her the children is a byproduct of life. The foundation of further relations will be laid low and the marriage is not over, as it is highly probable.

Preparation for childbirth is a hard work for a woman.

If your bride is a woman, at the initial stage of development of relations, you need to protect against unwanted pregnancy. Because she has to be prepared for high-quality pregnancy and it takes a long time. Naturally it is good to use nonhormonal agents, because the hormones disrupt the normal functioning of the processes, that can lead to infertility. Well, as you know, the sperm cells, viruses, bacteria penetrate through the microstructure of latex, because their sizes 10 to minus 9 degrees, whereas pores latex is about 10 in minus 6. But the likelihood of not getting pregnant while high.

If your bride is a girl, then you are lucky: a cathartic phase can be shortened, and you can work immediately on the outcome. The result will be significantly higher and in addition there is a proper self-esteem. There will be no breakdown of the psyche and other side effects. It is, when if a girl just like that "fucked" is not for the birth of a child, and she's now looking for a life of pleasure in changing sexual partners and to family life are less suitable.


Generally in the quality of production of children can be infinitely improvement. There are many factors, which you have to take into account and the total impact is the unimaginably complex. If anyone has experience or thoughts - please write, do not be shy.



Analysis of "Good psychological atmosphere in the family (the role of friend, defender).

Well, here is all increasingly clear. You need to support, attention, care. A woman do not feel forgotten, left alone with their problems and other unpleasant things. It is need shoulder support, comfort and to help her with problems. This is the topic of psychology and painted a lot of detail.


She will be demand in the professional, social and career level (the role of the sponsor, promoter, facilitators)»

Professional development should be, that no feelings of inferiority, based on undue wait - otherwise it leads to this leads to the whims, tantrums, whining, scandals, and to the other bad things which darkens life together.

"Material and technical provision (role earner)»

All the ladies want to live good and beautiful, for many of them a man is not a goal. He is means to achieve a beautiful, full of doing nothing and the pleasures of life. Well, even if there are a money and beautiful car is not important for them, everybody wants to eat tasty, live in a nice house - in other words, to family live more or less achieved at least anticipated human level. For believers, moral, good and reasonable men there is a karmically net earnings money problem (which has not been applied directly or indirectly to the humiliation and killing living beings, to slave labour, to environmental pollution and so on. In other words, it was no negative karma). It is a big problem. Many women are poorly represented the consequence of bad karma, so require a good supply of cash, not caring about the origin of the money. For this reason, many spiritual people don't try to smudge by the money, because Karma washes this dirt by anguish. And so, for the modern urban women spoiled the benefits of civilization, such people are of little interest. In addition, bad karma is a cause of unhappiness. So, if logistical support, sponsorship or career to your brides should not last. So, in the foreground place, the happiness of such a union will not. It's just business and the other partner, you must enter into a marriage contract ... In other words, this measure will be the only option the viability of future family.